best fa cup final

In pictures: Alexis Sanchez's goal against Aston Villa was stunning, but what are the top 10 goals ever to be scored in an FA Cup final?. Subscribe to the only Official source of highlights on the web -, the official. Without doubt one of the greatest saves in FA Cup final history. Those who watched on TV that day will remember Bob Stokoe galloping across the pitch holding. There will be two added minutes tacked onto the end of this first half. It is a very rare occurrence in the FA Cup for a non-league team to have the tactical nous, resources, playing talent, fitness and fortune to be able to beat a league team. Hazard flicks the set piece towards the far post, where Luiz lurks. App for iPad Gulf News made highly readable wwe payback Apple's iPad. Hazard, on the right-hand corner of the Arsenal area, flicks the ball inside for Costa, who will surely latch onto it and fire home. This website does not support Internet Explorer 6. Arsenal Chelsea Costa 76 Out of nothing!